Why I Don’t Suck

Metallic paper clips forming happy face in a white surfaceBecause sometimes I need to write a list like this.

It’s really easy for me to sit here and write about all the bad things I did today, how I made all sorts of mistakes, how I got so little done from my to do list…figuring out how I suck is easy. It’s beyond easy. It’s second nature to my brain, which loves to mess with me and try to lie to me.

But right now, I don’t want to think about all the bad stuff. I want to try to think about all the reasons I don’t suck. All the things I did right – or, at least, stuff I didn’t do wrong.

1. I didn’t hurt myself today.
2. I took my medicine.
3. I ate my vegetables.
4. I accomplished some of my to do list.
5. I snuggled with my 13 year old.
6. I took a hot bath.
7. I finished reading a book.
8. I gave gifts to people.
9. I went to class.
10. I brainstormed a new idea for a hollow-construction ring.
11. I opened the windows to let in the fresh air (and lifted the cat onto the windowsill many, many times).
12. I avoided spending money on Starbucks because we need to save money, not spend it.
13. I sent out an interview to write up.
14. I followed up on a meeting I’d forgotten about.
15. I began the process to do something awesome for the parent support group I help run.
16. I shared useful information with other parents.
17. I was there when a friend needed me.
18. I ate chocolate.
19. I stayed awake all day.
20. I wrote this blog.


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