Today I…

today… cleaned up after the dog
… went out to lunch
… stayed awake for 13 hours
… exercised
… taught a class
… read a book
… did dishes
… did laundry
… took a shower
… brushed my teeth
… ate healthy
… caught up on some TV
… responded to emails
… took my medication
… played with my son
… and came up with the idea for this blog.

To be fair, this is actually what I did yesterday, but I couldn’t sum up everything I did today because by the time I wrote it, it would be tomorrow. So instead I wrote this today about yesterday. But it’s a good list, and while it might not be the list I want it to be, it’s a lot better than I was doing last week.

Last week, this list might have only included some TV and a shower. Last week, when I was driving to the class I’ve been teaching, I was wishing that someone would have a fender bender with me so that I could have an excuse to get out of it Last week, I was sleeping all morning, and then taking naps all afternoon. Last week, I didn’t care if I was awake or asleep. Last week, at the insistence of my husband, I also went to see my psychiatrist, and he decided that it was time to try something new.

I’ve been on it for a week now, and while it has a scary bad side effect of a “potentially deadly rash,” it does seem to be slowly dragging me up and out and about. And hopefully it will keep being successful, and I won’t get that “potentially deadly rash.”



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